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  • How-To Video: Herb Basics

    Nothing’s better than fresh herbs added to foods. Herbs are some of the easiest plants to grow. They can be grown in the ground or in pots. Most herbs like full sun and regular water.

    1. Choosing your herbs
      • Grow what you’ll use—what are your favorites?
      • Grow what’s expensive to buy in the grocery store
      • Buy certified organic plants
    1. Choose the best location
      • Full sun to ½ day sun
      • Regular water
      • Containers
        • Can move around to capture sun
        • Can enjoy as centerpieces
        • Can bring indoors on kitchen windowsill (not all herbs, however)
        • Some herbs are best in pots—mints especially (otherwise, they’ll run rampant)

    3. Planting

    • In the ground
      • Amend soil well—all edibles like well-draining soil, rich in nutrients such as EB Stone Planting Compost
      • Add organic starter fertilizer such as EB Stone Sure Start
      • Dig hole, firm soil around
      • Make a little well around plants with excess soil to hold water
    • In pots
      • Use organic potting soil such as EB Stone’s Edna’s Best Potting Soil
      • Use organic starter fertilizer
      • Can combine herbs in one pot
      • Fill pots, firm the soil, dig hole, place plant, firm soil
      • Soil surface should be an inch or two below pot rim to hold water
    • Water thoroughly a couple of times
    • Water regularly, but allow soil surface to dry between watering
    • Feed regularly with organic plant food (as noted on the box)
    • Snip as needed for fresh herb flavor
    • Share with friends!

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