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Gardening A-Z

Armstrong Garden Centers has advice and tips to help you garden without the guesswork!


Agave | An All-American Outdoor Room | The Armstrong Grown Difference | Attracting Good Bugs to Your GardenAvocados B to ZBamboo: A Beginner's GuideChoosing a Garden Fountain | Christmas Tree Tips | Citrus Variety Guide | Conserving Water in Your Garden | Create a Succulent Container | Curb Appeal | Determining Your Soil Type | Fall Favorites: Mums, Pumpkins, & MoreFertilizer Basics | Five BIG Ideas for Fall Gardens | Five Good Bugs for Your Garden | Five Plants to Attract Hummingbirds & Butterflies | Fruit Tree Chill Hours | Garden Tool Basics | Gardening 101 - An Introduction to Gardening from the Experts | Garland Measurements | Get Ready for Summer | The Great American Backyard | Great Garden Color from Out-of-the-Ordinary Places | Houseplants for Healthy Living | Hydrangeas for Mom | The Making of an Armstrong-Grown Poinsettia | Mulch | Mums | New Flowers for Containers and Flowerbeds | Paperwhites: A Fragrant Holiday Classic | Pumpkins: Creative Ideas for Your Home | Rainy Day Inspiration - 7 Fun Things to Do | Save Water - Have Your Dream Garden Too! | The Secret Power of Perennials | Seven Steps to a Successful Landscape | Spend Easter Outdoors | Spring Birding Guide | Spring Has Arrived! | Thanksgiving Poinsettias | Tips for Selecting the Right Fruit Tree for Your Garden | Top 5 Fall Veggies to Plant Now | Transforming Your Outdoor Space | What is Deadheading?

  • Transforming your Outdoor Space

    3 Quick & Easy Wins         Read Full Article
  • Spring Has Arrived!

    Refresh and reawaken your garden with the vibrancy of spring! Now’s the time to update and renew your home’s exterior and garden with newness and color.      Read Full Article
  • Spring Birding Guide

    Attract birds this spring with plants and fun, decorative accessories. Enjoy the impressive sights and sounds this spring as colorful birds migrate north and resident birds energetically prepare for new families. Look around to find the source of that sweet love song ritually ringing to attract a mate. Food Spring is an important [...] Read Full Article
  • Spend Easter Outdoors

    7 Tips for a day to remember For more ideas, view our Spring Inspiration section > Learn about upcoming classes and events > Read Full Article
  • Rainy Day Inspiration - 7 Fun Things to Do

    Select seeds for early spring planting. Spend some quiet, relaxed (and dry!) time poring over Armstrong’s amazing seed selection of vegetables, herbs, cutting flowers, bedding plants and organic gourmet edibles.     Repot Houseplants. Just the smell of the fresh potting soil will be rewarding on a rainy day. Choose a new, brightly-glazed [...] Read Full Article
  • Houseplants for Healthy Living

    Today, stress is a part of life -- choices, responsibilities and many other factors can cause fatigue and stress in our lives. The typical person spends 90 percent of a day indoors away from the natural world; many stresses can be traced back to our indoor environment and caused by [...] Read Full Article
  • Christmas Tree Tips

    Look for a healthy green color. When you run your hand along the branch of the tree, the needles should hold tight and be flexible, not stiff and brittle. Make a fresh cut along the bottom of the trunk. This will enable the tree to absorb more water – we do this for you for FREE prior to loading! Use a [...] Read Full Article
  • Garland Measurements

    Garland adds elegance to any room during the Christmas season!  Here are some suggested measurement for how much garland you may need while decorating this season. Front Entry Door (single) Dimensions 3.5 ft. x 7.5 ft. Amount of Garland 19 feet   Interior Door (single) Dimensions 3.5 ft. x 7.5 ft. Amount of Garland 19 feet   Mantle** Dimensions 6 ft. x 7 ft. across Amount [...] Read Full Article
  • Paperwhites: A Fragrant Holiday Classic

    Paperwhites are some of the simplest bulbs you’ll ever grow. They’re members of the daffodil family and share many of the same growth habits as their yellow cousin. If you’ve never planting a bulb now is the time.  Paperwhite bulbs can be “forced” to grow and bloom in a very short [...] Read Full Article
  • Thanksgiving Poinsettias

    Find them now at your local Armstrong Garden Center to add that little something extra to decorate for Thanksgiving.   Read Full Article
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