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Gardening A-Z

Armstrong Garden Centers has advice and tips to help you garden without the guesswork!


Agave | An All-American Outdoor Room | The Armstrong Grown Difference | Attracting Good Bugs to Your GardenAvocados B to ZBamboo: A Beginner's GuideChoosing a Garden Fountain | Christmas Tree Tips | Citrus Variety Guide | Conserving Water in Your Garden | Create a Succulent Container | Curb Appeal | Determining Your Soil Type | Fall Favorites: Mums, Pumpkins, & MoreFertilizer Basics | Five BIG Ideas for Fall Gardens | Five Good Bugs for Your Garden | Five Plants to Attract Hummingbirds & Butterflies | Fruit Tree Chill Hours | Garden Tool Basics | Gardening 101 - An Introduction to Gardening from the Experts | Garland Measurements | Get Ready for Summer | The Great American Backyard | Great Garden Color from Out-of-the-Ordinary Places | Houseplants for Healthy Living | Hydrangeas for Mom | The Making of an Armstrong-Grown Poinsettia | Mulch | Mums | New Flowers for Containers and Flowerbeds | Paperwhites: A Fragrant Holiday Classic | Pumpkins: Creative Ideas for Your Home | Rainy Day Inspiration - 7 Fun Things to Do | Save Water - Have Your Dream Garden Too! | The Secret Power of Perennials | Seven Steps to a Successful Landscape | Spend Easter Outdoors | Spring Birding Guide | Spring Has Arrived! | Thanksgiving Poinsettias | Tips for Selecting the Right Fruit Tree for Your Garden | Top 5 Fall Veggies to Plant Now | Transforming Your Outdoor Space | What is Deadheading?

  • Avocados B to Z

    Only in California Growing avocados is one of the great joys of temperate-climate California gardening. Nowhere else in the continental U.S. can this be done with such success. With the variously-sized avocado trees, there’s one for every size of garden.  And by planting different varieties, you can harvest avocados almost year-round. Mexican [...] Read Full Article
  • Bamboo: A Beginner's Guide

    What’s to Like There’s a lot to like about bamboos. They’re easy to grow; they require less water than most plants; they’re fast-growing once established; and they have a graceful presence. Bamboos are evergreen and can also do a lot of screening in a narrow space. They can also be elegant [...] Read Full Article
  • Pet-Friendly Houseplants

    Pet-Friendly Houseplants Houseplants add beauty to our homes as well as health benefits. They clean our air making our homes healthier. There are however some plants that are not safe to have around pets. If you have pets in your home you’ll want to avoid them and choose houseplants which are non-toxic [...] Read Full Article
  • Tips for Selecting the Right Fruit Tree for Your Garden

    Mid January is a great time to select and order deciduous (fruit-bearing) fruit trees.    Benefits of Deciduous Fruit Trees Fresh fruit, of course Attractive, relatively small, shade trees Beautiful flowering trees in spring Provides pollen and nectar for bees and other beneficial insects Attracts bees to pollinate other edible plants you may have   Fruit Tree Requirements Need at [...] Read Full Article
  • Top 5 Fall Veggies to Plant Now

    Fall is the “second season” of vegetable planting in California, and there’s a whole new group of favorites to plant. Each is easy to grow and quick to harvest. Here are Armstrong Garden Centers’ top five fall veggies.   Kale – Kale is having a moment at all the top restaurants. Perhaps [...] Read Full Article
  • Fall Favorites - Mums, Pumpkins and more

    Every season brings exciting change at Armstrong and Fall is many people's favorite! Mums, Pumpkins, Harvest & Halloween decor, Bulbs, Veggies and more transform our garden centers into a fall festival to inspire you.  Stop by your local Armstrong to pick up all your Fall Favorites and transform your home!   [...] Read Full Article
  • The Secret Power of Perennials

    It’s best to think of perennials as “featured attractions.” Superstars that make a glorious entrance, steal the spotlight, then disappear for beauty rest before their next big show.  Perennials are some of the easiest plants to grow, but sometimes misunderstood. Yes, perennials are “permanent” plants, although their lifespans can vary from 3-5 [...] Read Full Article
  • Choosing a Garden Fountain

    What Fountains Provide Still water—in birdbaths, ponds and small containers—provides a sense of calm, peace and reflection in gardens. Fountains, on the other hand, contribute something quite different: action, movement and sound. They also provide aural focus, taking the mind off distractions outside the garden, bringing attention into the immediate space.   Types [...] Read Full Article
  • Garden Tool Basics

    “The workman’s as good as his tools” applies to gardening as much as anything else. The nice thing, however, is that garden tools aren’t expensive and you don’t need many. A small collection of basic tools will serve you well and you can add to your arsenal as your gardening [...] Read Full Article
  • What is Deadheading?

    To deadhead is to remove the spent flowers from plants—removing the “dead heads”. This accomplishes several things. First, it creates a tidier, cleaner plant appearance. Second, deadheading stops seeds from forming, redirecting the plant’s energy into producing more flowers or more plant growth. This also eliminates unwanted seedlings from sprouting in the [...] Read Full Article
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