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  • Gardening Under Glass with Terrariums

    Looking for an indoor project that will add a bit of health benefit and elegance?  Create an indoor miniature garden in glass. Glass gardens known as terrariums are a fun project for a cold day.  

    Here is every thing you need to get going:

    Shopping list 

    • glass container
    • gravel or small pebbles
    • crushed charcoal
    • potting soil
    • several 2 - 4" indoor plants suitable for terrariums (you'll find a list at the end of this blog)
    • Moss, decorative rock, and miniature accessories


    Step by Step

    1. Choose a glass container. Containers with smaller openings or lids work best to create a greenhouse effect in your terrarium - just be sure that the opening is large enough to be able to place the plants inside. Place a layer of gravel or small pebbles on the bottom of the container and a layer of crushed charcoal on top of that. The gravel will help with drainage and the charcoal absorbs moisture and odors that might occur with standing water.

    2. Now choose your plants. It looks nice to use plants with different colors, heights, and textures. Add potting soil on top of the charcoal and arrange your plants in it filling in and around them with more soil.

    3. Cover the soil with moss or decorative pebbles or even a mixture of both. You can also add decorative miniature accessories or figurines to personalize your terrarium.

    4. Water your new terrarium and if it has a lid place the lid on top. In our example the glass is placed back onto the base, over and around the plants. Note that terrariums with lids that are completely enclosed become little greenhouses and you will see moisture collecting on the side of the glass. They need very little to no additional water and benefit from spending a few hours with the lid off every couple of weeks. Terrariums planted in a more open container will require water more often.


    Eager to try a terrarium of your own? We have great displays of glass containers and vases,mini plants and accessories - stop by to see them and let us get you started! Have fun!


    Top Plants that are suitable for Terrariums:

    Ferns - most indoor ferns do well in terrariums

    Hypoestes - Polkadot plant



    Rex Begonia


    Rubber plant

    Arrowhead vine

    Sanseveria - Snake Plant


    Creeping fig


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