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Armstrong's Garden Living Blog Timely tips and ideas all year to inspire you and help you succeed with your garden.
  • What's Your Garden Style?

    Whether you theme your garden completely in a particular style, or just take style cues from them, learning about traditional garden styles is a great way to become inspired with ideas for your backyard. Six popular garden styles are the cottage garden, formal garden, zen garden, modern garden, eclectic garden [...] Read Full Article
  • Flower Fields Forever

    Flower Fields Forever Well, actually The Flower Fields of Carlsbad are only open March 1 - May 11, 2014. So, you should hurry out to see the 50 acres of stunningly beautiful flowers. A sea of colorful flowers seems to stretch farther than the eye can see. The many attractions include [...] Read Full Article
  • Color Explosion

    Color Explosion with Spring Blooms Spring can bring a beautiful explosion of color to our gardens when flowers pop open full of color. Make the most of the season by planting spring blooming perennnials in your mixed borders that bloom year after year. With a little effort and planning you can [...] Read Full Article
  • Inside Out, Outside In

    Inside Out, Outside In Bring the comfort and design of your indoor spaces outside and the fresh from the garden look indoors.   Inside Out Create outdoor rooms that provide you with additional living spaces. Outdoor living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms allow us to enjoy our everyday activites outside in the fresh air.   Tips [...] Read Full Article
  • Best Selling Trees and Shrubs

    You've spoken, and these are your favorite trees and shrubs at Armstrong. They are workhorses in the garden. They provide structure, form, and interest in the landscape. They also provide a backdrop for other shrubs, perennials, and flowering annuals.    Japanese Maple -  Choose an upright or weeping variety of Japanese Maple. You [...] Read Full Article
  • Say it with Roses

    Express Yourself - Say it with Roses It's almost Valentine's Day and we have an idea for you -  send a message to your Valentine with roses. Give a rose that your sweetheart can plant in the garden to enjoy as it blooms year after year. Like Valentine's candy hearts, the [...] Read Full Article
  • Firescaping

    Firescaping “Vegetation will either lead a fire to a structure or stop it.” The Fire Risk in California When it comes to fire, California is unlike any other state: It is the most flammable, the most dangerous, and its fire season lasts nearly eight months. Our state is this way due to [...] Read Full Article
  • Four Popular & Easy Houseplants

    Four Popular & Easy Houseplants Growing houseplants indoors improves our home or office environments by providing a beautiful green aesthetic that reduces stress. They also improve our air quality by removing toxic contaminants that are in the air. There are four houseplants that are not only popular, but also easy to [...] Read Full Article
  • Tips for Christmas Decorating

    Decorating your home for Christmas is a great way to get in the holiday spirit. Here are some handy tips and ideas to make decorating simple and easy. Outside Start at the curb. Greet your neighbors with Christmas cheer by decorating along a fence or retaining wall. Cedar garland is inexpensive, easy [...] Read Full Article
  • Oh Christmas Tree

    Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree Nothing says Christmas like the scent of a fresh-cut Christmas tree. Here are some tips for choosing the best and freshest Christmas tree. Purchase a Christmas tree that was re-cut upon arrival and is standing in water. This will ensure that it will continue to absorb water once [...] Read Full Article
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