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Armstrong's Garden Living Blog Timely tips and ideas all year to inspire you and help you succeed with your garden.
  • Beautiful Blooming Bulbs for Christmas

    Each year at Christmas time, you've probably been in a friend or family member's home who has beautiful blooming Amaryllis and fragrant Paperwhites blooming indoors. Now is the time to plant Amaryllis and Paperwhites, if you want to have them blooming in your home this year. It takes about 6 [...] Read Full Article
  • Caring for Air Plants

    Tillandsias - Airplants Air plants, also called tillandsias, are an easy to grow. Their unique and stylish appearance and growth habit make them a conversation starter. They can add a bit of whimsy or elegance to any room depending on the way you choose to display them. And, they are happy [...] Read Full Article
  • Maize Craze

    Indian corn has always been a favorite fall decoration. It has colorful kernels that symbolize the harvest season. It's quick and easy to decorate with Indian corn. Here are some quick and easy ideas for using Indian Corn.   Tie three cobs of Indian corn together with ribbon or raffia and hang [...] Read Full Article
  • Living Lanterns

    Okay...we're warning you!!... If you plant Living lanterns in your fall container gardens you will be asked by everyone who sees it... "Ooooh what is that?" and "Where did you get it?" So, here's a little information that you can pass along when you are asked.   About Living Lanterns They are known by many names... Chinese Lanterns [...] Read Full Article
  • National Apple Month

    October is National Apple Month. It's time to celebrate the apple harvests. Just thinking about apple pies, apple tarts, candied apples, and hot apple cider will have your mouth watering. With so many yummy apple dishes to make and enjoy, why not plant a tree and grow your very own apples?   There [...] Read Full Article
  • Let Us Grow Lettuce

    Fall is a great season for gardeners. While it’s sad to say goodbye to fresh summer vegetables for a while, there are plenty of great cool season leafy greens to keep us going and eating healthy. Plant lettuce and other greens to use in delicious salads and stews this fall. Why [...] Read Full Article
  • Fall in Love with Fall

    Labor Day marks the unofficial end to summer which means it’s time to start celebrating fall. That means it's time to bring home colorful fall flowers, plant fall edibles, and decorate with fall decor.   Celebrate with Fall Flowers Chrysanthemums (Mums) - are the official flower of fall. They are a beautiful way to [...] Read Full Article
  • Hauntingly Beautiful

    Plant these plants this fall to add color and mood to create a haunting effect. Not that you need an excuse to use black plants in your garden, but the Halloween season is the perfect time to add dark and rich colors. Fall is California’s best planting time, and whose garden [...] Read Full Article
  • Gardening in Small Spaces

    You've heard the phrase "Good things come in small packages?" Well, that's true of small garden spaces too! A small space shouldn't limit your garden or your imagination—hanging baskets, containers, window boxes, espaliered fruit trees….they're all great ways to made a big gardening impact – even on the most limited high [...] Read Full Article
  • Summer Snapdragons

    Angelonia is a beautiful bloomer that is a great waterwise choice for bright summer color. It's also known as Summer Snapdragons. And, they do have the appearance of a smaller snapdragon. They have beautiful spires of small flowers that bloom all summer long. They will grow to be 2 feet [...] Read Full Article
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