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  • Fruit Tree Chill Hours

    Just what are chilling hours?
    Chilling hoursĀ are the number of hours (non-consecutive) of temperatures below 45 degrees during the dormant period (after leaves fall) in order to initiate flowering and fruiting.

    Keep in mind that your garden's chilling hours can be greatly affected by prevailing winds, mountain ranges or even buildings. If your garden is in an area with a very high winter chill (areas with snow), then all (including the low-chill type) fruits will do well for you.

    Chilling hours by region

    Northern California Inland Valleys
    Dublin and Novato
    Elevation 0 to 400 ft.
    Chilling Hours - 500 to 800 hours

    From San Diego to Santa Barbara
    Elevation 0 to 400 ft.
    Chilling Hours - 100 to 300 hours

    Coastal Valleys
    Lemon Grove, Irvine, Brea, Whittier, Lakewood, Anaheim, Santa Ana
    Elevation 400 to 800 ft.
    Chilling Hours - 300 to 500 hours

    Foothills & Inland Valleys
    El Cajon, Temecula, Riverside, San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, Glendora
    Elevation 600 to 1200 ft.
    Chilling Hours - 500 to 700 hours

    Low Desert
    Palm Springs and Coachella Valley
    Elevation 400 to 500 ft.
    Chilling Hours - 200 to 400 hours

    Mountains & High Desert
    Elevation 1200 ft. and above
    Chilling Hours - 600 plus hours

    Consult an Armstrong expert for chilling times of specific deciduous fruit trees.