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Fall Ideas

Ideas to to inspire you this Fall season in your home and garden.

  • Colorful Foliage Mix

    Colorful foliage doesn’t have to come from trees! Coral bells (Heuchera) provide rich leaf colors for fall. Set off dark-leaved coral bells with the brighter foliage of variegated sage and euphorbia as your see here. The burnished tones of the ornamental grass, Carex, add to the autumn feel.

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  • Dramatic Fall Color

    The dramatic, dark purple foliage of sweet potato plant is the perfect foil for the orange tones of the coleus, cuphea and calibrachoa. A Carex gives the container a nice airy texture.

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  • Bouquet Combo

    One of the great luxuries in life is being able to collect bouquets from your own garden. Perennial asters are a great fall treat, and easy to grow. Pair them with your own home-grown mums, of course.

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  • Pumpkin Planter

    For a fun table centerpiece or party planter, hollow out a pumpkin (like you would for a jack-o-lantern,) and plant with your favorite, fall-colored annuals. Simply use potting soil like you would in a pot, and don’t forget drill a couple of holes for drainage.

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  • Brilliant Fall Planter

    A fall container of rosy calibrachoa, variegated sage and yellow marguerites is anchored by a grass-like Juncus. An assortment of ornamental grasses (carex) creates the perfect backdrop.

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  • Spectacular Perennials

    Perennials can be spectacular in autumn. Here is a mix of modern black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia) in various colors and sizes. They’re great for bouquets, too!

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  • Fun Container Color

    Sometimes simple is best. Pots of autumn-colored pansies paired with mums—in fun containers, of course—say Halloween’s around the corner.

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  • Punch of Color

    When you need a bold, punch of color, sometimes the best way to get is with a glazed pot. Keep the planting rather simple as you see here. A jolt of upright color comes from a red-leaved hibiscus and the trailing golden leaves of sweet potato plant. Calibrachoas and ornamental [...]

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