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Drought: What does it mean for my garden?

We as Californians are resilient, resourceful and need to be respectful of our land and all that it bears. I believe most Californians take seriously the privilege and obligation to keep our great state beautiful and healthy.

When we purchase a home, we buy into a neighborhood, a community and even a city. I believe we have an obligation to beautify our homes and gardens for ourselves and the community.

Research has shown that Californians overwater their gardens by 25% or more. So, as a garden retailer, Armstrong Garden Centers has spent the last couple of years educating homeowners on how they can have the garden they love (and keep their neighborhood beautiful) while reducing the water they use. And our thankful customers have shown that it’s possible.

When I see billboards and slogans that say, “brown is the new green” it has the feeling of giving up and letting everything die. Californians never give up! It’s not in our DNA and it’s not what has made this state great. California has been through many hardships and will always rise to the occasion that best serves the state. We live in one of the most beautiful states in the country and we have a responsibility to keep it that way while being reasonable with its resources.

As a native Californian, I don’t believe that giving up and accepting that “brown is the new green” is how we deal with the stewardship of our state. As a responsible horticulturist, I would like you to know that is doesn’t have to be that way.

Our team at Armstrong has pulled all of our resources together to give California options:

• Home consultations for waterwise gardening
• Landscape design services
• Waterwise classes
• Low-water display gardens
• A large selection of beautiful, blooming plants that are drought tolerant
• Website tips for gardening responsibly

I hope this spring you’ll allow Armstrong Garden Centers to show you how brown is not the new green, but planting, watering, and gardening responsibly is.

Monte Enright
President & C.O.O.
Armstrong Garden Centers