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DIY Ideas

DIY ideas to inspire you all year for your California home and garden.
  • Halloween Front Door

    Transition your fall door décor in time for Halloween. Replace decorative items like pumpkins with Halloween Flair. Hang a witch hat on your door or on top of a plant. Arrange a few potted mums and crotons on either side of your door. Plant your peppers in a pot and add [...] Read Full Article
  • Early Fall Front Door

    Get a jump start on fall by decorating your front door. By using staple items like mums, crotons and peppers, you’ll have a basic look you can keep through Thanksgiving and be able to switch decorative elements to keep it interesting.  Start by hanging a wreath on your door and replace [...] Read Full Article
  • Fall Window Box

    Project time: 45 minutes Full Sun Project  Celebrate the season with fall plantings in your window box. Create great texture with ornamental cabbage and lettuce. Add fall colors with ornamental peppers and beets. Tie raffia around Muhly grass to resemble harvested bundled wheat. Shopping List 1 window box – 36 inches long 3 – 1 [...] Read Full Article
  • Early Fall Container Garden

     Full Sun Project For instant fall color gratification use croton (typically thought of as a houseplant), a mum or two, ornamental peppers and golden variegated ivy. Brilliantly colored foliage against the radiant mum blooms make perfect harmony in this autumn container garden.   Shopping List: 1 – Glazed Pot 20 Inches 1 – Mum 1 – [...] Read Full Article
  • Hydrangea Basket for Mother's Day

    Indoor Project Project time: 20 Minutes Give Mom a gift that will last much longer than cut flowers! She will love that you've created a garden just for her. In this garden the colorful foliage compliments the hydrangea which can be planted outside once it has finished blooming. Line the basket with plastic to hold in [...] Read Full Article
  • Hanging Basket for Mother's Day

    Full Sun Project Project Time: 20 Minutes Make mom an arrangement she can enjoy all summer long. This moss lined hanging basket will delight her. It is planted in soft hues of pink, green and white. The plants chosen are beautiful yet hardy. Planting the container:  Fill the basket to within 3 to 4 [...] Read Full Article
  • Make a Ladybug Garden

    Full Sun Project Project time: 6  Hours Ladybugs are beneficial insects. They eat bugs like spider mites and aphids that feed on our garden plants. Encourage ladybugs to come to your garden by planting some of their favorite plants.This garden is designed with ladybugs in mind. It is approximately 10 feet long and [...] Read Full Article
  • Ladybug Party - Food Ideas

    What party is complete with some grub (and we are not talking bugs here!).  Here are some Ladybug inspired ideas that will surely bring some smiles to your guests!   Ladybug Skewers from the Garden Make edible ladybugs from fresh fruit growing in your garden. Slide a strawberry and a blackberry (red grapes [...] Read Full Article
  • Kid's Craft - Ladybug Party Idea

      You’ll need a 4 inch terra cotta pot for each child. For younger groups of kids, paint the pot red with spray paint ahead of time. Let each child place black Velcro dot stickers on the side of their pot to resemble the spots on a ladybug and then plant [...] Read Full Article
  • Container Garden - Ladybug Party Idea

    Full Sun Project Project time: 45 minutes Create this container garden decoration for a ladybug themed party. The rich reds and purples of the Geranium, Pentas, Coleus, and Potato vine will compliment the colors of the ladybug theme. And, the Cosmos and Lobelia are favorite plants of ladybugs. They will attract and help [...] Read Full Article
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