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DIY ideas to inspire you all year for your California home and garden.
  • Red, White, and Blue Summer Entryway

    Welcome them in with the red, white and blue Summer is full of entertaining and fun. Why not dress up your front porch with a show stopping red, white and blue theme? It’s easy to plant up all your heat loving flowers in colorful containers that really make a statement. Create this [...] Read Full Article
  • Patriotic Mailbox Garden

     Full Sun Project This mailbox garden will show off your patriotism. It’s designed with easy-care red, white, and blue summer flowering plants.  Bed is roughly 8 foot by 6 foot triangular Project Shopping List:1 - ‘Black and Blue’ or ‘Amistad’ Salvia - 1g 1 - Red Mandevilla 1 - 10” 3 - Agapanthus - 1 [...] Read Full Article
  • Griller's Garden

    From your garden to your grill to your plate. This garden plan is designed with the grill master and foodie in mind. Enjoy fresh herbs and veggies all summer long. This garden is approximately 12 feet wide and 15 feet long.   Full Sun Project Project time: 8 hours Prep your bed by [...] Read Full Article
  • How to Repot an Orchid

    Follow our tips to repot a new or favorite orchid into a pot that fits the decor of your home or office. Indoor project Project Time: 20 minutes Step 1: Gather your supplies. You will need: Orchid Bark or Orchid Mix A new container Twine Support stakes Decorative moss Scissors Step 2: Remove the orchid from its original container. If [...] Read Full Article
  • Summer Succulent Container

    Full Sun project Project time: 20 minutes Create a bowl full of succulents. They are fun and easy to take care of! Succulents need very little extra water. In fact, when we planted this container garden we even mounded up the soil so that water better runs off the plants. The first [...] Read Full Article
  • Lemon Scones

    A delightful way to use your home grown lemons. Pick them when they are bright yellow and slightly soft. With Meyer and most Eureka lemons, you can make them year round with beautiful fresh fruit. These scones are fragrant with a hint of lemon and are perfect for breakfast or an [...] Read Full Article
  • Miniature Terrarium

    Indoor Project – Bright indirect light Project time: 30 minutes Miniature terrariums make fun accents for your home. They are super simple to put together and maintain. Start by choosing a glass container. Choose a glass bowl with a wider opening for an easy to plant option. Or, choose a glass container [...] Read Full Article
  • Waterwise Garden Design

    Full Sun Project Project time: 1 day Shopping List: 4 – Glazed pots 36 inch wide or bigger 4 – 3 gallon Phormium 2 – 1 gallon Verbena bonariensis 2 – 1 gallon Euphorbia 4 – 1 gallon Rudbeckia 10 – 4 inch Gazania 10 – 4 inch Armeria 2 – 1 gallon Asclepias 1 – [...] Read Full Article
  • Succulent Bowl

    Full Sun Project Project time: 30 minutes Plant a mix of succulents with varying shades of red, green, blue, and chartreuse and assorted textures. They create an eye catching and easy to maintain display. Once the container has time to root into the pot, it will need very little water.  We’ve used particular [...] Read Full Article
  • Create a Salsa Garden

    Full Sun Project Project Time: 3 hours Enjoy fresh salsa straight from your garden this summer. Plant a veggie bed with tomatoes, peppers, onions, chives and cilantro. Experiment growing different types of tomatoes. If you like chunky salsa choose smaller tomatoes with less juice like Super Sweet 1—or Roma. For juicier salsa plant [...] Read Full Article
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