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    Cultural Information

    Good citrus cultural practices require that plants be grown in at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily.

    During the winter, cover if there's a chance of frost. A fall application of Sul-Po-Mag will help them withstand colder than normal temps.

    Planting In Containers

    1. Select a container at least twice the size of the existing plant container and one that has drainage holes.
    2. Place E.B. Stone's Edna's Best Potting Soil at the bottom of the pot so the top of the original rootball is two inches below the rim of the pot.
    3. Place plant in container and fill with potting soil
    4. Firmly tap soil to remove any air pockets.
    5. Water in with Liquinox B1.


    1. Fertilize monthly with E.B. Stone Citrus and Fruit Tree Food.
    2. Apply Grow More Citrus Growers Blend in April and September.


    Loss of foliage, flowers, and fruit and a general decline in the vigor of the tree is generally an indication of over-watering. Until plants are mature (one to two years), watering is more frequent.

    Apply enough water to penetrate the depth of the rootball. Don't water again until the soil is only slightly moist to the touch.

    As a general rule, trees in containers should be watered daily inland and every other day on the coast. Water until water drains from the bottom of the pot.


    Prune to control the shape of the plant and remove dead or diseased branches.

    Be on the lookout for aphids, mealy bugs, scale, snails and white fly. At the first sign of insect troubles apply Bonide Fruit and Vegetable 3 in 1.

    Control snails with Slug Magic to get rid of Snails and Slugs.


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