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Annuals & Perennials

Read tips and advice for growing annuals and perennials in your garden.
  • Begonia Big

    Begonia Big is about as easy, and as Big as it gets. The name really says it all: BIG color, BIG performance, and an even BIGger show in the landscape.  It performs so well, and has so much color throughout the summer, that they have quickly becom a favorite “go [...] Read Full Article
  • Dynamic Dianthus 'Jolt'

    New Dianthus 'Jolt' is easy to grow. It has dense clusters of bold-colored flowers that bloom all summer long. The bright colors pair perfectly with other summer heat-loving favorites Celosia, Rudbeckia and Echinacea. They look great planted in a sunny border or as the stand alone star in a container! Flower [...] Read Full Article
  • Colorful, Waterwise Flowers for Late Summer

    Is your garden looking a bit dull? High temperatures have taken a toll on just everyone’s garden. But no one needs to finish out the summer with drab outdoor surroundings. There’s a wonderful group of plants that provide late summer color (and into fall) that are not only beautiful but [...] Read Full Article
  • Coneflowers are Butterfly Magnets

    Easy-care coneflowers have undergone a remarkable transformation. No longer shy Midwestern beauties, they’ve burst into entirely new color ranges and gotten gussied up in new flower forms. Native to America’s heartland, coneflowers (Echinacea) are tough and hardy. Large daisy-like flowers have distinctive, raised centers of brownish-orange to black. Sturdy, straight stems [...] Read Full Article
  • Daylilies Deliver

    Get that mental picture of the ubiquitous, narrow-petaled golden daylily right out of your mind.  Today’s daylilies are so much more than that.   New Colors To begin with, prepare to be bowled over with ravishing color. Cranberry red, dark purple, vivid pink, blackish-red, butterscotch, burnt orange, ivory cream, and startling combinations of [...] Read Full Article
  • Five Waterwise Flowers

    Your yard doesn't have to look like the desert landscape to have a low-maintenance and waterwise garden. You can have a garden that is full of beautiful summer flowering plants that is waterwise. These 5 plants will bloom year after year requiring little maintenance.   Coneflower - This hearty perennial is a [...] Read Full Article
  • Fantastic Fuchsias

      Fantastic Fuchsias The beautiful dainty flowers of Fuchsias have an elegant and magical appearance. Their colorful, sculptural flowers add lots of color to shady areas. They also attract hummingbirds, providing nectar for them.   Fuchsia Forms There are two forms of Fuchsias:  upright-growing forms and arching types.  The upright-forms are the newer types which [...] Read Full Article
  • Flower Fields Forever

    Flower Fields Forever Well, actually The Flower Fields of Carlsbad are only open March 1 - May 11, 2014. So, you should hurry out to see the 50 acres of stunningly beautiful flowers. A sea of colorful flowers seems to stretch farther than the eye can see. The many attractions include [...] Read Full Article
  • Color Explosion

    Color Explosion with Spring Blooms Spring can bring a beautiful explosion of color to our gardens when flowers pop open full of color. Make the most of the season by planting spring blooming perennnials in your mixed borders that bloom year after year. With a little effort and planning you can [...] Read Full Article
  • Cool Season Favorites

    Cool Season Favorites These cool plants will brighten any dull winter day! Their showy foliage and blooms will give your garden a pop of color fall through spring.  Cyclamen Cyclamen have large, delicate flowers that sit above pretty clumps of green [...] Read Full Article
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