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Care for your lawn or garden without the guesswork with this helpful gardening advice and guides from Armstrong Garden Centers.
  • Connecting the Dots: Ladybug Fun Facts

    Connecting the Dots: Ladybug Fun Facts These little bugs have a big reputation in the gardening world!   Beneficial Bugs: Because Ladybugs are natural enemies of aphids and other pesr insects, many gardeners and farmers use them for organic pest control instead of chemicals. Little Bug, .Big Appetite: A single ladybug may eat as many as [...] Read Full Article
  • DIY Blooming Easter Basket

      Create a blooming basket for your home or to give as a gift. This basket features blooming pink Anthuriums. The heart shaped flowers are long lasting and thrive in medium to high light indoors. It's complimented by a Bird's nest fern which adds some height and lighter green foliage. A [...] Read Full Article
  • Why Plant Now?

    We're often asked... is this a good time to plant... this or when should I plant that? And the answer for the BEST time for many if not most plants is fall or early spring. Many things can be planted year-round in Southern California and they thrive! But, there are some optimum [...] Read Full Article
  • 5 Favorite Fruit Trees for California

    Growing your own Backyard Orchard can be quite the fruitful endeavor and it's easier than you might think. If you're just getting started plant these five fruit trees. They are the most popular, hardy, and easy to grow. Persimmon ‘Fuju’ Tolerates many types of soils, but good drainage is a must Rarely bothered [...] Read Full Article
  • Fresh Blueberry Pie

    Blueberries are full of antioxidants and taste great by the handful. Enjoying your blueberries is as easy as pie. Baking this delicious pie will fill your home with sweet-smelling berries and impress your friends and family. This is a perfect pie for the summertime and tastes great when served warm or [...] Read Full Article
  • 5 Rainy Day Indoor Garden DIY Projects

    It's raining outside so move indoors to exercise your green thumb! Add beauty to your home by creating indoor gardens using houseplants with beautiful blooms and colorful foliage. They not only add beauty to your home, but also improve the air quality by filtering out toxins. There are many ways [...] Read Full Article
  • Succulent Pumpkin

    A fun way to decorate a pumpkin is with succulents! We've had so much fun hosting classes showing how to decorate pumpkins with succulents this fall! If you missed our classes... here's the 'how to'.   What you'll need: heirloom pumpkin (flat pumpkins work best) reindeer Moss adhesive gluelLiquid or cool temperature glue gun [...] Read Full Article
  • 20 Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin

    1. Stack them high:  Make a pumpkin topiary.   2. Quick fix: Decorate a pumpkin in two minutes or less with a black stocking.   3. Drill down: Get out the handy power tools and drill patterns in the side of the pumpkin.   4. Try a little Bling: Create glitter covered pumpkins.   5. Painted Pumpkins: Paint a message like 'boo' on [...] Read Full Article
  • Pumpkin Topiary DIY

    Create a pumpkin topiary that will last throughout fall. Play with different size pumpkins to create a topiary to fit your space and décor style. Directions: 1. Choose 3 heirloom pumpkins in varying sizes that are somewhat flat on the top and 1 ‘pumpkin pie’ pumpkin. 2. Get a pot that is slightly smaller in diameter than [...] Read Full Article
  • Get Your Garden “Party Ready” for Spring

    Spring is a great time of year for a garden party. Outdoors, there are layers of fresh, bright green foliage, vibrant colors, and mild temperatures. The holidays encourage us—Purim, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day are all ideal outdoor spring celebrations.  After-Winter Tidying How do you make sure your garden is [...] Read Full Article
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