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Care for your lawn or garden without the guesswork with this helpful gardening advice and guides from Armstrong Garden Centers.
  • Hydroponics

    Harvest Veggies & Herbs from Your Kitchen Grow your own fresh veggies, herbs and more right in your kitchen! Choose from a hydroponics growing kit or indoor gardening station.   Getting Started Ready to grow indoors? Take time to consider where in your home you’d like to setup the garden, how big is that [...] Read Full Article
  • Begonia Big

    Begonia Big is about as easy, and as Big as it gets. The name really says it all: BIG color, BIG performance, and an even BIGger show in the landscape.  It performs so well, and has so much color throughout the summer, that they have quickly becom a favorite “go [...] Read Full Article
  • Homegrown Superfoods for Heart Health

    Do you know that some of the best foods for healthy hearts are easily grown right in your own backyard? That’s right, to prevent heart problems, plant and enjoy fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients, fiber, antioxidants and healthy fat.  Here are the top 10 homegrown fruit and veggie [...] Read Full Article
  • Tell Mosquitoes to Buzz Off!

    With warm weather comes the return of mosquitoes! Here are some ways to keep these pesky bugs from invading your garden and backyard BBQs this summer.  The best way to reduce mosquitoes is to make sure you don’t have any stagnant water. Turn over empty pots, lids, etc. so they don’t collect [...] Read Full Article
  • 5 Herbs for Summer Kitchen Gardens

    Five Fresh Herb Standouts Fresh herbs are a home foodie’s staple. Here are the top five for summer.  Basil Of course you’ll want fresh basil to accompany those backyard tomatoes. Italian large leaf basil is the classic, all-purpose variety. But there are lemon, lime, purple (slight anise tones), Greek (spicy), Thai (anise and [...] Read Full Article
  • Red, White and Blue Pots

    Throwing a Fourth of July party? This year, go beyond the stars-and-stripes napkins and kick it up a notch with planters in patriotic colors placed around the pool and patio—and even on tabletops.  A 20-Minute Project Throughout the summer, garden centers will have party-ready, 4-inch annuals and perennials in full bloom just [...] Read Full Article
  • Top 5 Homegrown Fruits and Veggies to Prevent Diabetes

    Homeowners most often grow fruits and vegetables at home so they can enjoy the old-fashioned “fresh from the farm” flavor. However, there are other advantages, too. Many of the most popular home-grown edibles have wonderful health benefits. Here are five easy-to-grow favorites that help prevent the debilitating effects of diabetes. Beans  These [...] Read Full Article
  • Top Veggies for Summer Kitchen Gardens

    Lots of Choices There are lots of warm-season vegetable choices. Tomatoes, beans, squashes, cucumbers, peppers, corn, onions, eggplants, and artichokes top the list.    Not sure how to narrow things down? Run your favorites though these considerations: Grow what you like to eat. Just because everyone else grows squash doesn’t mean you need to. Grow [...] Read Full Article
  • 7 Ways to Help Trees and Shrubs Survive Heat and Drought

    It’s one thing to let our lawns go brown when water’s tight. Lawns can be replanted or reseeded fairly easily. Better yet: a thoughtful reimagining that results in a reasonably easy to achieve, and beautiful substitution.  Protect Trees and Shrubs Trees and shrubs are another matter, however. They are not easily replaced [...] Read Full Article
  • Firescaping with Waterwise Plants

    Firescaping with Waterwise Plants  (Note: This article is based on the principles outlined in the book Firescaping, written by author and designer Douglas Kent,      published by Wilderness Press.)  California will always suffer from wildfires due to its climate and terrain. A large portion of our state is a Mediterranean-type climate [...] Read Full Article
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