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Armstrong Garden Centers strives to better our environment through sound business practices that focus on customers, associates and our planet. Armstrong has a rich history of providing products that are safe and responsible, and we will continue this commitment.

  • We will create an inspiring environment in which to shop and work—a company known for its “green” practices and its positive impact on our communities and the world.
  • We will continually train and develop our associates to serve as a resource for customers, enabling them to participate in our commitment to sustainable practices.
  • We will maintain our commitment to a healthy, sustainable environment through careful vendor and product selection.

Understanding that consumers have busy lives but also want to help the environment, Armstrong offers consumers eco-friendly solutions like the recycled bottle packs, biodegradable bags, waterwise plants, organically-grown vegetables and herbs in biodegradable pots.

  • Bee Health and Armstrong Garden Centers

    We are fully committed to practices that ensure honey bees are not harmed by the use of pesticides

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  • Colorpacks from Recycled Beverage Bottles

    At Armstrong Garden Centers has made the switch to colorpacks made from 100% recycled beverage bottles in all packs distributed from our three local growing facilities.

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  • Water Recycling System

    One way we do that is by recycling the water we use. Each of Armstrong Growers’ three facilities is designed to be sustainable.

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