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  • 20 Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin

    1. Stack them high:  Make a pumpkin topiary.


    2. Quick fix: Decorate a pumpkin in two minutes or less with a black stocking.


    3. Drill down: Get out the handy power tools and drill patterns in the side of the pumpkin.


    4. Try a little Bling: Create glitter covered pumpkins.


    5. Painted Pumpkins: Paint a message like 'boo' on the side of a pumpkin.


    6. Silly faces: Use a pumpkin kit to make silly faces.


    7. Buttons: Glue buttons on a pumpkin.


    8. Plant Pumpkins: Carve out your pumpkin and plant it!


    9. Succulent succulents: Top your pumpkin with easy to care for succulents.


    10. Flower power: Carve out your pumpkin. Line it with plastic and use it as a vase to hold fall cut flowers.


    11. Entertaining: Hollow out a pumpkin and use it to hold ice and bottled water or dips for your fall parties.


    12. Top Dressing: Add small pumpkins tucked into your container gardens.


    13. Save the place: Use a small pumpkin at each place at the table with your guests name.


    14. Pattern play: Paint stripes, dots, or chevron patterns.


    15. Personalized Pumpkins: Add your monogram to pumpkins with buttons, push pins, or paint.


    16. Go traditional: Carve out a spooky or silly face.


    17. Mummified:  Wrap gauze around a pumpkin and add googly eyes to create a pumpkin mummy.


    18. Centerpiece / Tablescape: Mix pumpkins, gourds and fall leaves for a festive centerpiece.


    19. House numbers: Paint your house numbers on a pumpkin.


    20. Decoupage. Use decoupage glue to adhere fall foliage or mosses to a pumpkin.


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