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Outdoor Living

  • Birding

    Whether you’re a bird enthusiast or just trying to draw birds to your backyard for the first time the friendly experts at Armstrong Garden Centers can help you get started.

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  • Fountains

    Add the soothing sound of trickling water from a fountain to your garden or patio, choose from a variety of styles, sizes and finishes to fit your needs.

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  • Outdoor Furniture

    Choice patio furniture that offers quality and durability in every type of popular style.

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  • Grills

    Choose from the flavor and flexibility of a charcoal grill or a gas grill that offers speed and ease.

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  • Outdoor Kitchens - Buy Online

    Cal Flame has barbecue island solutions that accommodate your backyard space and are quick to order and simple to install.

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  • Pottery

    Whether you live in an apartment or a home with a large yard, container gardens are easy and make a stunning statement. Armstrong Garden Centers has the largest assortment of pottery for the garden, patio or indoor pots for houseplants.

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  • Artificial Grass

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